Australia’s Top 10 Selling Cars

australia's top selling cars

Finding a new or used vehicle can often be a headache for those in the market. A good starting point is to see what the most popular cars are and why. So let’s jump right in and take a look why these 10 cars are amongst Australia’s most sought after today.

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1. Toyota Hilux

Popular With: Individuals that require a work ute, families that love outdoor adventure

A main-stayer as Australia’s number 1 best-selling vehicle, the Toyota Hilux is not only a practical work vehicle; it also doubles as good family 5-seater. The ‘Aussie Ute’ comes with excellent towing capability and a large tray area, making it ideal for long trips and hooking on a trailer or caravan. The latest Hilux comes with Road Side Assist, Active Cruise Control and Lane Departure Alert, with steering assist, keyless entry and a slick 8” colour touchscreen display.


2. Hyundai 130

Popular With: Individuals, Couples, Small Families, City Dwellers

Hyundai’s popular i30 range has been around since 2007, and consistently wins plaudits for safety, economy and smartphone integration features. The i30 is the new benchmark for small cars for its flexibility to be suitable for individuals, couples and families. Popular amongst city dwellers who are space conscious, the i30 is a good value retainer for those on a budget but still want all the mod cons expected in vehicles these days.


Ford Ranger blue in action

3. Ford Ranger

Popular With: Individuals that require a work ute, Families that love outdoor adventure

Like the Hilux, the Ford Ranger is a great buy for people looking for a practical utility vehicle. While slightly more expensive, the Ranger boasts added features for the adventurer such as water wading capabilities. It is also known for its economic running costs over the long term. The Ranger can come as anything from a 4×2 single cab up to 4×4 dual cab ute with a large range of options depending on your budget.


4. Toyota Corolla

Popular With: Individuals, Small Families, City Dwellers

For over 45 years the infamous Toyota Corolla has been one of the world’s most popular and economic small cars. Putting the Japanese Toyota brand on the world map, it has been wildly popular in Australia, for its flexibility for the individual or budget-wary families. It comes in a wide variety of models from base model up to luxury sports, with features such as pedestrian detection a blind spot monitor and newer models all come with the Toyota App which is useful for locating your car in a crowded car park.


Mazda 3 in red

5. Mazda 3

Popular With: Families, Professionals

Like the Corolla, the Mazda 3 is compact car with great fuel economy. The 3 is good for both individuals and families, and can even be classed as an ‘executive’ style car, especially with its added features list. You’ll pay a few thousand more for the 3 over the Corolla, but save in fuel costs over the long term.


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6. Mazda CX-5

Popular With: Families

Popular with families, Mazda’s CX-5 has long reigned as Australia’s favourite premium mid-sized SUV. It comes with a high-calibre interior and finish, with Mazda consistently updating what comes standard in the CX-5 year-on-year. It’s ideal for urban driving, and with its new off-road mode for its AWD variants, can double as a more adventurous vehicle.  This vehicle also won’t break your budget for its annual running costs.


7. Kia Cerato

Popular With: Professionals, Individuals, Couples, Families

Korean car manufacturer Kia had long been popular in Australia for its cheap-and cheerful car builds. That was until 2013 when Kia underwent a massive transformation in the way it manufactured and marketed its line of vehicles to more value-driven and broadly appealing. This is best seen in its Cerato range. The Cerato comes as a four door sedan, 5-door hatch or 2-door coupe, as well as naturally aspirated or turbo-charged models.  The Cerato appeals to all types of drivers; from individuals, to couples to families, all with varying budgets.


Toyota Landcruiser in red

8. Toyota Landcruiser

Popular With:  Families, Adventurers

The Toyota Landcruiser is just what it says it is. A land cruiser. This large, premium 4WD can take you anywhere you want to go on or off road and is excellent for long distance driving. It is on the higher end of the scale in terms of price, but you do get what you pay for. With loads of space and the ability to tow even the largest caravans on the market, the Landcruiser also comes with a state-of-the-art multi-terrain system to assist with wheelspin control, navigation, rear-seat entertainment and even a centre console cooler box.


9. Hyundai Tucson

Popular With: Professionals, Individuals, Couples, Families

The Hyundai Tucson is popular for being a great value SUV family car for those that want something a bit bigger yet with still compact. It is known for still having a fair amount of storage space for its size as the front passenger seat is able to be folded flat for those solo trips to the furniture store. Like most other SUV’s it will also give you the ability to drive those long distances in comfort.


10. Toyota Prado

Popular With: Families, Adventurers

A part of the Landcruiser family, the Toyota Prado is also full-size 4WD SUV, just slightly smaller with higher spec models and better economy. The Prado is popular for those that want the ability to frequently take the family out yet also drive the car across Australia in comfort.


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