Buy a Caravan and Travel the Aussie Outback

Western Australia is full of the best Caravan and RV road trip tourist must-see destinations. We love the Aussie outback and travelling in camper vans when we are not helping you get financed for your own RV road trip. WA is beautiful the coastline inspires people and the outback shows you just how big this country really is due to the sheer size and scale of the endless horizon. People will have to spend at least a week in the different parts just to capture the magnitude of beauty at each destination to fully enjoy the place.


The state itself is known for its natural beauty, broad horizons and the sense of having the “wind in your hair” kind of adventure. This is especially true when you have a caravan and some of your friends along with you.


So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top three visitor spots you shouldn’t miss when going on a road trip in Western Australia.


vineyard at ma

1. Margaret River


Located in a southern corner of Western Australia is the majestic region of Margaret River. It is about 150 miles from Perth cityl and a road trip here is just a few hours away. Caution for those planning on driving here for any long weekend or public holiday to plan ahead as the roads into this area get pretty busy with everyone flocking to this amazing coastside destination.


Margaret River is an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and is one of the best places in WA to experience natural beauty and is on the must-visit list of every keen surfer. The region has an awesome coastline that is dotted with beaches, which makes it an excellent place for surfers having been home to a large number of surfing contests Margs is a surfers paradise. Besides that, you can find Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin – both of which are popular places for hikers.


Wines are also something of a speciality at Margaret River. A trip to the region would make for the perfect time to stock up on some delicious whites, rosés and reds made by the best wineries nearby. You dont need a caravan to get here but it does help if you plan on staying a while or staying near the popular locations here.


One can also expect numerous wildlife when going on a caravan road trip here. There are many kangaroos that bask all day long in the sun-soaked fields and whales can be spotted around its coastline. At Hamelin Bay, there’s a chance you can get up close and see the friendly stingrays that roam around there.



cable beach broome camels walking

2. Broome


The tropical region of Broome is one of the most remote but unique destinations in Western Australia. Tourism in the area is beginning to pick up but it’s still a long way from being a bustling hub for travelers. Broome is very laid back and even though it’s at the northern edge of WA, there are many things to do when you visit the region.

We particularly enjoy watching the sunset backdrop as the camelback trail walkers move along the beach sands. Broome really is a place where time stands still, and nothing makes it feel more unreal is the stairway to the moon. You wont find any traffic lights in Broome as the town traffic manages itself with large roundabouts, many of the campervan and RV visitors are found around old Town beach or further out at Cable beach campervan parks. You will really benefit from having a vehicle while in Broome as things are spread out.

You can visit Cable Beach where you can find pristine white sands and endless blue waves. March through October are some of the best times to visit this place. Travellers can go to Matsos Brewery which is a craft beer establishment famous for its delicious ginger beer. Then there’s also the strange phenomenon of the Staircase to the Moon which you can find in Broome town’s tidal mudflats.

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monke mia cliffs

3. Monkey Mia


Lastly, we have Monkey Mia which is known for its sunshine and blue skies almost all of the time. Famous for its beaches where dolphins frequent the shoreline Monkey Mia is a huge travel destination for tourists any time of the year. There’s Shell Beach which is about 50 minutes south of Monkey Mia and is one of only two beaches in the world where the shells replace the sand.


Denham offers historical adventure and is a great starting point to visit the Shark Bay region. Travelers can visit the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery Centre so they can learn about the culture and ecology in the region.


Dolphins are also popular at Monkey Mia and have been visiting the beaches for more than forty years. It’s possible to pet and feed these dolphins by standing knee-deep in the water with assistance from the park rangers.


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