Choosing the Right Small Business Loan

Does Your Business Need a Loan?

Yes Loans to the rescue

Getting a small business loan is a big decision. There are many considerations that come into play – both personally and for the direction of your business. Make the best decision about funding for you and your business and let Yes Loans help you out. Take a look at the loan options to help you get started.

Commercial loans

Commercial business loans are an attractive option for entrepreneurs and offer many advantages:

• Enabling business owners to access critical funding while maintaining lower overhead costs.
• The loans are long-term, often between three and 7 years, allowing you to pay back the money slowly as you work to increase business profits.
• With potentially lower interest rates and extended loan terms, the risk of loan default is minimised.

How can commercial loans help you?

Applying for a commercial loan doesn’t have to be a burden. Whether you’re starting a small consulting business or establishing a hair salon, we have the financial solutions to get you started.

Commercial finance through Yes Loans can:

• Secure your company’s expansion
• Increase your cash flow
• Refinance an existing loan
• Purchase inventory
• Hire more staff for your start-up
• Build your business’ credit for the future

You’ll stand in a long queue at a bank only to find out that they may not be able to help you, but Yes Loans could offer you an alternative.

More about our business loans:

• Amounts from $5,000
• Terms of up to seven years
• Flexible repayment options
• Fast approval times

We provide finance solutions for:

• General equipment
• Company cars or commercial vehicles
• Cash flow
• Shop fittings or new technology
• Loan refinancing
• Debt repayment
• Trucks

We have a team of experienced brokers, who will assist you with your finance application.

What are you waiting for? Get access to a wide range of loan options today. Contact us now.