A Complete Guide To Car Finance Terminology

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When it comes to car financing, it seems to have a language of its own. Buying a new or used car may be as easy as you think especially with the variety of finance products available today. But once you get there, it can be difficult to work out which one you need since the industry uses a lot of jargon. We want to help clear that up for you.

This guide won’t be fun. But where we lack the fun we provide the information that matters. We want to keep you in the loop about what terms and options impact your loan and repayments to be made. This is well worth a read especially if you are in the loan application process.

Some of the terms being used can fall under the category of marketing talk while others may be on the legal side of things. Whichever the case, it can be hard to understand and make deals easier to compare.

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Below are some of the most common terms you’ll hear in car financing and we’ll explain each one as simple as possible for you to understand.




The Australasian New Car Assessment Program or ANCAP is the leading independent vehicle safety organization in Australasia. It provides both Australian and New Zealand drivers with vehicle safety information by way of publication of its star safety ratings. These ratings consider the level of pedestrian and occupant protection from new cars by conducting crash tests and assessing their collision avoidance technologies.


Borrowing Capacity


This is the amount of money a person is capable of borrowing from a lending agency. Since every consumer has different circumstances, it is expected that people will have different borrowing capacities. Lenders make use of their own formulas when calculating the borrowing capacity. This means that the same individual may get different capacities to borrow from different lenders.




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Certificate of Currency


Also known as a Certificate of Insurance, this is a type of document that is provided by an insurer or insurance broker to confirm the information and currency listed in your insurance policy. Third parties will look for this document to confirm that you indeed have the appropriate coverage on an asset. This document is often given to you once your policy has been defined and paid for.




A co-borrower is a person whose name is listed on a loan document and whose credit history and income is considered to qualify for the loan as an additional borrower. In this kind of arrangement, all of the parties involved are obliged to repay the loan. Being a co-borrower can benefit an interested debtor who cannot qualify for a certain loan or obtain favorable terms for it.


Comparison Rate


This is an indicative rate that is provided as a percentage of your total loan amount and is designed to provide a person with a more precise idea on the true cost of their loan. It works by taking into account the interest rate of the new loan along with the fees or charges that could affect its true value.


Credit Check


Also known as a credit search, a credit check is when a lender looks at your credit report information to gain an understanding of your financial behaviour. Although your consent may not always be required, lenders need to have a legal reason to do so such as when you’re applying for a loan with them.


Credit Protection


Credit protection is a form of consumer protection that is designed to assist in preserving credit health for both lenders and their customers. It mostly works by shielding consumers from practices that could harm their ability to acquire future credit, often by preventing practices that can unfairly impact their credit score.


Credit Score


A credit score is a number which evaluates the creditworthiness of a consumer based on their credit history. Lending companies use credit scores to analyze the probability a person will pay back their debts to them. The higher the credit score of a person, the more financially trustworthy they are in the eyes of lenders.




In terms of motor vehicles, an encumbrance means that money is still owed on a loan for the car with the lender having registered an interest or right on the said vehicle.




These are additional payments that you need to resolve with a lender besides having to pay for your loan repayments. Such fees can include account keeping fees, establishment fees and more.




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Here are some frequently asked questions.




Fixed Rate


A fixed rate loan means that the interest rate for that loan will stay the same for its entirety. For instance, you could get a loan with a 15-year amortization along with a five-year term. During the term, the interest rate will be locked in and you don’t have to pay anything extra in terms of interest.


Format Approval


This means that a loan has already been assessed by the lender and have met all of their conditions for approval.


Interest Rate


Interest rates are the costs when borrowing money from a lending agency and are expressed in percentage form. They are often used in loans for the purchase of cars, properties and even consumer goods.


Loan Assessment


A loan assessment or affordability assessment is the procedure in which a lender establishes if a consumer is capable of repaying their loan over a period of time. This type of analysis takes into account your incomings and outgoings to help them assess whether a loan is sustainable for your situation.


Loan Term


A loan term is the period of time between when a loan is received and when it needs to be fully repaid. Loan terms can last as long as ten years with shorter ones described as “short term” and those more than a year known as “long term”. 




With regards to loan applications, paperwork is a culmination of all details that are needed from a consumer so that they can be assessed by a lender successfully.




This means that a lending agency has already approved your loan, albeit not yet officially. This is because further information may be required for the loan application to be fully accepted.

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PPSR Check


Personal Properties Securities Register or PPSR is a register on the Web that lets you know if a car you wish to buy has money owed to a finance company. 




The repayment is the amount of money that is required from a consumer to pay off their loan. Repayments can normally occur on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.




As a borrower, security is an asset they offer against the borrowed amount in a loan. This can be a requirement by lenders to minimize their risk in lending you a loan.


Secured Loan


This is the type of loan where an asset will be required from the applicant as security for their agreement. An asset could be in the form of a vehicle, property and the like.




When a lender has already approved your loan formally, this means they will now start lending you the money for which you requested. You may obtain this finances in the form of cheques or direct payment.


Unsecured Loan


This is the kind of loan where an asset isn’t required by a lender as security for the loan.


Variable Rate


These types of loans means that their interest rates can change throughout the term.



That wasn’t so hard to digest and it will really help you understand your loan agreement and details a bit more. The more you understand the more we can help you get the finance you want and approved. You never know when a family member or friend will be going through the same process seeking finance and you will have some knowledge on the topic or can refer them to this guide.

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