Working From Home: The Ideal Office Setup

home office setup guide

At the start of the pandemic many people – mostly office workers – began working from home. Working from home is not a new phenomenon, but the pandemic has shone a light on how digital technologies can support productivity without the need to ‘go to work’.

It made both companies and employees realise that as long as productivity didn’t drop, it would save everyone involved money. Companies were able to downsize their office space and workers would save on travel costs to and from work.

Even now as people start to flock back into the office, things are different. Many employers now offer full-time working from home scenarios, or something of a hybrid situation where workers just touch base now and then.

Still, working from home requires a tremendous amount of discipline. Here are a couple of suggestions so that your home workspace – will support your workload – and your body – over the long term.

Home Office Renovation

Setting up a home office for remote work is not always easy, however a well-thought-out home office remodel will help you have better organised and productive work days, give you a better work/life balance, and you’ll have a more professional back drop for virtual meetings.

Home office remodels are some of the most flexible and affordable projects when it comes to budgeting. It’s easy to get great results with a low budget, while also possible to invest more money on bigger changes that can produce significant long term benefits for your work life and career.

Here are 7 things to think about when conducting a home office renovation:

Furniture and Colours

Whether you’re an accountant, writer or IT specialist, you want the room you spend most of your time in to be as conducive to your work rate as possible. That’s why it’s important to choose designs, colours and furniture appropriately.

Lighting and Noise

Good lighting is important to fight against fatigue in a computer and desk environment. Well placed artificial lighting can reduce headaches and fatigue; and natural light is also known to make people happier.

Organisation and Storage

If space-saving is a priority it is important to think about how you will utilise what you have to avoid clutter. Think about the bins, drawers, cabinets, desk space and shelving you’ll need and how you can make it work.


While most offices are set up as ergonomic as possible for employees, it’s up to you to make sure you address ergonomics for your home office. The basic principles of office ergonomics are to help prevent chronic injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain.

A Coffee Station

No need for potential distraction by getting up to go to the kitchen for tea or coffee. If you really want to deck out your home office, think about putting in a built-in coffee bar (or even a mini-fridge too).

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The Backyard Office

Don’t turn your nose up at this suggestion just yet – backyard offices are becoming extremely popular as working from home and outdoor spaces are a surprising new trend. Here’s why.

The major shift in how we live and work has meant that real estate investors need to look at optimising their properties for the working from home work/life balance. Perhaps you don’t have a spare room inside but so have some extra space in the backyard? If so, investing in a backyard office could be the right move for you.

A backyard office provides you with our most precious commodity: TIME. More people than ever are discovering that not having to commute to work is an absolute luxury. Backyard offices provide you the sanctuary you require to get your work done without being interrupted – especially if you have kids or a partner that is running in and out all day or working from home too. It also has the benefit of you being able to be close to your loved ones – and away from them at the same time.

Backyard offices are versatile, high quality and modern, with many different styles on the market to suit your specific needs – and often a more affordable solution than adding another room to the house. Backyard offices are typically around the $10,000 mark but can vary depending on what you do or do not need. They can be craned in and dropped into your backyard or put together in a matter of hours.

But here’s the kicker: they may also be claimed against your income tax!

Affording Your Ideal Office Setup

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