How Our Online Car Loan Calculator Can Help You

car loan calculator


Purchasing a car may be one of the biggest investments you make this year, second to buying a house. Although it’s often ideal to pay with cash on hand, the truth is that there are times you need the car but just don’t have the cash available. When those times come and you do need a car loan, you should know the ins and outs of the financials required and that’s where our free online car loan calculator helps you get the numbers.

Since a car loan is an agreement that brings with it interest that you need to pay off over time, it’s crucial that you prepare yourself before taking one out.

So before you begin your car buying process, you might want to nail down a few details to help sort out your budget. One way of doing so is via our Car Loan Calculator.


What Can Our Free Car Loan Calculator Do?

Our Car Loan Calculator is a guide that anyone can access and use to obtain an estimate of their car loan repayments. The car finance calculator can give you a calculation of your fortnightly, monthly or weekly payments depending on your needs.

You can use our handy calculator to get estimations for car loans, personal loans, business loans, commercial hire purchases, caravan loans, secured and unsecured loans and more!


How Can I Use the Car Loan Calculator?

Using our Car Loan Calculator is very easy. Simply head to this link, and you will be brought to the page where you can get an estimate of your loan. Input the amount of money you wish to borrow and add in the preferred loan term amount. In this section, you can put anything between two to seven years. You may then finish off by adding the interest rate provided.

With the Yes Loan’s Loan Calculator, you will be able to figure out how much you are going to pay off in the long run whether you choose a fortnightly, weekly or monthly repayment.


You Can Repay Loans Faster with Our Loan Calculator

Based on your loan contract’s terms, you could be able to pay a lot more on a weekly or monthly basis compared to your given repayment amount. Doing so lets you settle your debt faster than if you were to stick to the default schedule. However, you may want to check if there are extra fees and charges included as well in paying a loan early.

The good news is that you can talk to our expert brokers if you’re interested in flexible payment options. Our team would be more than happy to share with you advise and tips on other ways you can pay off your loans quicker.

Once you’ve got things figured out, you can click on the “Apply Now” button on the Car Loan Calculator page to get the application process started. The calculator is a great way for you to get an estimate for the possible repayments you will be making down the road.

Let’s get your loan set up today!