How to finance a motorcycle

Finance your next motorbike quickly and easily

The rev of the engine, the wind in your face, the freedom of the road; motorbike riders know the difference between driving a car and enjoying the open road on a high-powered motorcycle. If you are considering buying a motorcycle for the first time or want to upgrade your current one, you should consider a motorcycle loan. Contact your loan specialists and start the process.

Your answer to road congestion

With Australian roads becoming more and more congested, many people are swapping their four wheels for two. This helps them shave time off their commute, avoid parking hassles in the city and enjoy Australia’s unique scenery and backdrops from an outdoor perspective.

How to finance a motorcycle?

Approach an established broker like Yes Loans. Speak to a consultant if you want and gather all the information you need. You can then apply, either with the consultant or easier yet, online, it only takes five minutes.

What type of motorbike do you want?

Before you apply for financial assistance, you need to decide what type of motorcycle you require.
Start by answering the following questions.

· Is it going to be your prime mode of transport?
· Will it just be for weekend getaways?
· Do you want a simple run-around scooter or a high-powered beast of a motorbike?

The benefits of riding a motorcycle

· Significantly reduce commute time
· No problem parking, in even the most congested areas
· Save on petrol costs
· Enjoy the freedom of the open road

Work out your monthly repayments with a motorbike finance calculator

Once you have found various motorcycle options, you can check what your loan repayments will be on each one by using this loan calculator.

Low interest rates to approved applicants

Yes Loans will always strive to get your loan approved. They will take all your circumstances into account, including age, health and financial situation. You can then enjoy access to a panel of lenders to suit your purchase and budget.

Fast pre-approval

Once you apply online using our form, you can expect to get a fast response from one of our friendly brokers.

Loan security

Be sure to take out loan protection on your motorcycle loan. This is in case something happens that prevents you from being able to make your payments. Loan protection will ensure that your loan repayments are covered and will reduce the financial strain on you or your family.

Loan inclusions

Make sure that your motorcycle finance covers everything that you need to be covered. This may include apparel and accessories like a good quality helmet. Ask your broker if they can include this in your loan.

Early repayment

Before you sign any contract with your lender, make sure that they allow for early termination of your loan and that you can make larger monthly payments when you can. This will make sure that you pay off your loan sooner and bring the overall cost of your loan down.

Contact us and get that motorbike you’ve always wanted. Motorcycle finance that is reliable and affordable.

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