Low Documentation Loan; What You Need to Qualify and How to Apply

Helpful Guide for Low Documentation Loans


A loan is a sum of money borrowed by one person from a financial institution with the intention to pay it back with added interest.

These can be used for business loans for self-employed business owners, or for businesses that have several employees and are planning to expand.




A low doc loan (low documentation loan) is just that; a loan with little or no document required from a borrower to apply for a loan. Traditional loans need many documents that may be tricky or impossible for someone self-employed to provide, such as; tax returns, payslips and financial income statements. A low doc loan, on the other hand, includes little to no documents to apply for a loan. However, due to the high-risk nature of low doc loans, they usually have a higher interest rate LMI premiums than traditional loans.


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Low doc loans are for people who may be contractors, self-employed, business owners to the simple and fast paced nature of both the borrower and the application process.


Applying for a loan can be a tedious and long task, especially if you’re applying as a self-employed worker, business owner or even a contractor. With the need to find multiple pages of paperwork, spend hours upon hours sorting through finance documents and talking on the phone for what seems like forever can ultimately be a waste of your time if your application is denied. This is why loans which require little to no documentation are necessary for those who qualify.


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Getting approved for a low doc loan is an easy process with these four steps:


STEP ONE – Collect the reasonable and valid documentation needed to apply for a low doc loan.


STEP TWO – Due to the fact that low doc loans are a high risk to financial lenders, they usually have high-interest rates and LMI premiums. It’s important to research which lender has the lowest rates and premiums in order to utilise the amount you are to be loaned.


STEP THREE – Fill in the application form and bring the essential documentation and proof of favourable qualifications and bring them to your selected financial lender.


STEP FOUR – Once approved, walk out with your newly approved low doc loan.



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Yes Loans has a very clear requirement around documents that we need in order to help get you a loan.

Although it is a low document loan, there are a few documents the lender will need to verify in order to approve the application. These include;


OLD TAX RETURNS – tax returns from 24 months or older provide an insight to your financial income for the lender.


INTERIM FINANCIAL STATEMENTS – these are financial statements over the period of less than a year.


INCOME DECLARATION FORM – this is a document required from the lender which includes the borrowers ABN, business name and the amount to be borrowed.




ABN – lenders will approve loans based off of multiple lengths of ABN registrations, the most common being one month.


ACCOUNTANTS LETTER – an accountant’s letter is a document that is signed and dated by an accountant and verifies your income.


TOTAL DEBT EXPOSURE – most lenders will prefer an applicant with under one million dollars in debt.

CREDIT HISTORY – lenders will often consider your credit score whilst deciding your approval, since they cannot verify your total income.



In Conclusion

If you’re a business owner, contractor or self-employed, a low doc loan might be the most effective and efficient loan you can apply for. With less paperwork, fuss and application time, the low doc loans are the one most simple way for a borrower to apply and be approved for a loan. Apply here now for a low doc and low fuss loan.