Low Rate Jet Ski Finance Summer is Here

Summertime Jet Ski Finance Options


Are you in the market to get a brand new jet ski? For many, the idea of having a jet ski is a summertime fantasy of waves, sunshine and good times. The good news is that it could be limited to that if you didn’t think of all the other times you could have a blast on your new jet ski out on the open waters with friends, by yourself or with your partner if you buy matching his and hers jet skis.

Editor note: Couples purchasing his & hers matching jet skis is on the rise by our latest comparison data.


Knowing beforehand if you have a lifestyle where you can just whip off to the ocean for a zoom around on your jet ski or schedule days with mates to catch up over the waves owning a jet ski is not the same as owning a bicycle there are some considerations to take on board for the day that you own your own jet ski. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that you can get when you own a jet ski today.


Everyone Gets to Have Fun


Whether you’re thinking of enjoying a ride with your family or friends, jet skis make for a great way to bring people together. Make sure you undergo a thorough safety briefing and understand the rules of the ocean and no, watching Aquaman does not count as understanding the rules of the ocean. Safety first when using any marine vehicle and because you are also a responsible person when you own a vehicle. If you let people ride your jet ski give them a guide for what to do and what not to do.

We always preach safety first for anyone owning a new vehicle, so that you and your group know what to do in case of an emergency. Jet skis are the perfect excuse to have fun in the water. So when summer kicks in and the sun beats down, you won’t have to worry about what to do next just get on and enjoy the activities. Get everyone off the sofa and head off to the beach!

If you don’t already own a jet ski speak to our water-loving finance brokers about helping you get your very own jet ski today.


family fun on a new jet ski


Riding a Jet Ski is a Great Workout


You’ll be giving your cardiovascular system a good workout when jet skiing. The action alone will get your heart pumping as well as increase blood circulation. Doing so also brings in more oxygen and nutrients to your body parts. Even as little as 30 minutes of jet skiing each day will let you improve endurance greatly.

First, you need to get from your house to the ocean and get the vehicle moving, those whips left and right will get you gripping the handles super tight and helping you give your forearms and gripping muscles a workout. Don’t be surprised if you have sore arms the next day if it is your first time out.


Improves Coordination and Balance

Although it may look easy, riding a jet ski actually takes some skills not falling off. Jet skiing requires having good coordination and balance which can both be improved when done regularly. It’s no simple thing to crouch, steer and hold onto a speeding jet ski. This can be especially tough when there are rough waves to deal with. 

Don’t get carried away and start new trends like jet ski yoga that just inst practical.


Relieves Stress By Riding The Waves


There’s nothing that can remove stress like being out at sea dipping in and out of the waves. Getting the endorphins from jet skiing can clear your head while the adrenaline that comes with it will leave you fresh. Besides that, you’re most likely focused on having fun that you’ll forget all of your worries easily.

Pro Tip: Get your self some waterproof earphones and a waterproof bag for your phone or music player of choice and put on a nice playlist and get rid of any stress.


explore the waves with a jet ski


You Have the Freedom to Explore


Jet skis come at just the right size for skiers to explore quiet coastlines and beaches that can be difficult to reach by swimming. Apart from that, they are also very simple to turn off and leave by the shore, unlike a boat. This makes it a very convenient vehicle if you want to go on an adventure.


Yes Loans Has the Jet Ski Loan You Need


At Yes Loans, we want to help everyone get on the water with however way they want. This is the reason why we offer financing for almost any type of marine vessel which includes jet skis. With the help of our experts, we can provide and secure the most competitive jet ski finance rates you need.


We can get you the finance for everything from used jet skis to brand new models. You simply have to approach us and tell us what you have in mind.


Our Jet Ski Finance


In the majority of cases, jet ski loans won’t require people a deposit while they can choose from several flexible options for repayment. It’s also possible to get a loan from us that can last for up to five years.


Our jet ski loans also have a fixed interest rate. What this means is that the interest is going to be calculated on the unpaid balance each day, similar to a home loan. Putting in extra or additional payments can lower the overall cost. Be sure to check out a loan calculator first so you can see how changing repayment terms can affect the length of your loan.


So what are you waiting for? Contact us now so you can get your new jet ski before summer hits!