Truck Loans

In theory it’s been said that if you buy a newer truck, you will spend less money on maintaining the truck and the operating costs associated, compared to an older model.

The benefits of purchase a near-new truck:

  • Usually has better fuel economy than an older truck,
  • Automatic transmission on long hauls can also help reduce driver fatigue,
  • A newer truck can also improve the drivers outlook and attitude.

The price of a used truck is lower than the price of a new one but that doesn’t mean it will cost less to maintain in the future. We recommend you get a truck that will suit your businesses needs and be able to get the job you need done. A new truck can cost more up-front but the operating and maintenance costs are usually lower and easier.

What does Yes Loans have to offer?

We aim to find competitive truck loans and insurance options for personal or business use. We highly recommend you check your truck finance quote before you accept any other loans.

Along with truck loans we also have access to car loans, motorbike loans, business loans, chattel mortgage and hire purchase. Leases are available to business entities, companies, individuals with ABN, partnerships and corporations providing the goods are to be used predominantly for business use.

Could I be pre-approved?

Yes! Getting pre-approval before you go looking for a new or used truck loan is a good idea, as you’ll know how much you have to spend and the age and size criteria that needs to be met. Pre-approval is subject to the lender’s credit requirements.

What are my chances of approval?

Finance companies take into account your financial situation, which may include accountants interpretation about you, tax returns, bank statements and any work contracts that you may have.

They will also look at your credit history, level of deposited cash in the bank and your expenses. Home ownership along with other real or tangible assets (like a business or rental property) will also be considered a part of the approval process.

Stability is an important factor, how long you have been living in your current residence and how long you have been in your current employment. Also if you are have changed from being employed to self-employed, the amount of experience within your occupation is noted.

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