Getting Finance If You Are Self Employed

Working for yourself as a small business owner or an entrepreneur is great, but it does come with some pitfalls, especially when you’re just starting out. If you need a vehicle but are not sure of your options for obtaining finance, Yes Loans may be able to help. Some lenders will often require significant financial history before offering finance, which several new or small businesses simply may not have to provide with Yes Loans. Many small businesses also may not meet the often stringent requirements set by lenders. At Yes Loans we do things differently. We look at each application on a case by case basis, and can often assist with lenders where others have said no.

What do you require in order to get finance for your new car if you are self-employed?

What documents do you need?

• Suitable identification
• Proof of income
• Proof of liabilities
• Proof of any savings account or assets

The low doc loan?

Small businesses and sole ownerships often don’t submit their tax returns on any regular basis, and many self-employed people do not have the documentation required to apply for financing. This could result in obtaining a car loan being more difficult .
• If you have had an ABN for more than 12 months you may qualify for a low doc loan providing the car is going to be predominantly used for business purposes. Documentation that can be used for low doc loans includes; Accountant prepared Profit and Loss statements and cash flows, Business Activity Statements or bank statements supported by invoices. Ultimately this will depend on individual lenders assessment criteria.
At Yes Loans we work with our customers to understand their situation and create a solution for their financial needs.

A deposit

If you can put down a deposit there’s a greater chance of being approved for a loan. It means you will require a lower loan with potentially smaller payment instalments, putting less of a strain on your finances.

Check your other assets

Even if your cash flow isn’t great at the moment, a secured loan could help your prospects. By leveraging any existing assets or at least declaring them, whether to be used as collateral or not, will give you a better chance of securing that car loan.

Check your credit record

It’s always going to be more difficult to get financing if you have a sketchy credit record. Difficult, but not impossible. Yes Loans may be able to help if your credit record isn’t the best. Yes Loans will check your credit record for you free of charge.

Pay your current debts

Make sure that you are up to date on any existing loan obligations. If you have a good credit record the chances of receiving additional financing is better.

Find a guarantor
Another route is to consider using someone as a guarantor who will provide the lender with the surety and security they require to approve a loan.

Contact Yes Loans, we will go the extra mile to secure the loan you require. Buying a car can give you the boost you need to take your business to the next level, but you don’t want to get in over your head. Our consultants will make every effort to get your loan approved, while ensuring that you can comfortably afford your repayments.

Get all your documentation together and then apply for your car finance online, it’s that easy.

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Our clients say
our clients say
  • "Thank you for all your help with processing the loan and keeping me up-to-date on the progress. We have utilised ‘Yes Loans’ twice and are completely amazed with the process and ease that you present to your customers. **It has been a delight dealing with yourself and ‘Yes Loans’ and will not hesitate to recommend your business to all that I come across. **It can be quite daunting at times applying for a loan and I can tell you that your customer service skills far outweigh any company I deal with on a day to day basis."

    Adam F - April, 2015
  • "I would like to thank you again for a relatively painless process in getting the funds sorted for us, working away makes such things difficult and usually means taking time off work to organize. I will recommend Yes Loans to all that want to listen, thanks again"

    Tony K
  • "Thank you very much for your help much appreciated"

    David S
  • "Thanks Chris for all your help. I haven't purchased a car for a while, let alone taken out a loan. Your clear, concise information made the whole process so much easier. What's more you cared! Each step of the way you checked in with me to make sure I understood where the process was at and that I was happy with how things were moving. I have worked in the retail and service industry for decades, so I understand what should happen during any transaction. Chris and Yes Loans tick all the boxes. "

    Dean H - June 2015
  • "on behalf of my wife Hazel and myself , I would like to thank you for all your help and good advice you gave us regarding the purchase of our new car , using your company “Yes Loans” for finance. Most people will be able to tell you of a bad experience relating to car finance but ours was totally the opposite. From start to finish we were made to feel very comfortable about the whole process, and able to understand all the facts and figures. It was a surprisingly pleasant experience and did not drag on for hours. Completing all the paper work on the initial visit made things even easier, and not having to return on multiple occasions was a bonus. I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to any of my family or friends should they require finance for their own purchase."

    Derek E - June, 2015
  • "Tony and all the staff at Yes Loans provided exceptional service, which led to me choosing their product over the competition. My circumstances were complicated with 2 sales falling over before the final one was made. Thanks to the keen attention to detail by Yes Loans staff, I was alerted to fraudulent activity by a seller, in time to call the deal off. Finally, Tony managed to achieve settlement in a short period of time and provide a very competitive interest rate for my dream vehicle. The communication I received from Tony and Colleagues was prompt and professional and I will not hesitate to refer them on to my family and friends."

    Gabriel - June 2015
  • 'Hi Darral I couldn't thank you enough for the whole process of sale. You went over and **beyond the call of duty** especially when we've both been playing phone tag with each other. Customer service is everything and from a previous sales and marketing manager background I could not fault you any where. I've always stuck to the rule of 10....1 person tells 10 people on there experience and those 10 people tell another 10 people and so on and so on. I'll highly recommend you to friends and family that are looking for vehicles in the future. Once again thank you. "

    Gavin J - July, 2015
  • "I picked the car up yesterday afternoon and I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into helping us get it. The car is just awesome and that you put it through as a business vehicle so I can claim it come tax time makes you an absolute legend. Again, thank you very much."

  • "We have used Yes Loans now several times for our Car finance, this being our 4th transaction that they have helped us with and every time it has been such a pleasurable experience, **very easy and smooth transaction with no hassles and quick service. ** We definitely will be back again. Thanks to Daniel for such professional and fast service."

    Maria & Rob - June 2015
  • "Thank you so much, the car was exactly my dream car thank you."

  • "Thanks very much for your help in finding me a loan. I will indeed enjoy my car! I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who asks."

    Simon I
  • "Hello Steve, I’d Like to point out an exceptional employee you have working for you Nathan Hanna. From our first contact Nathan has conducted himself in a professional & highly proficient manner, I felt extremely confident with the service he provided and finding a solution to an issue with my vehicle being a grey import. Which many finance company’s don’t touch, Nathan found a financier which I’m very grateful. The whole experience has been a pleasure your company certainly raises the bar in customer service which you can’t get from other companies. Nathan is a real credit to your team. I will most definitely be recommending Nathan & your company to others."

    Mike B - Sept 2015
  • "Your service and support has been nothing but outstanding. We are so happy with our van, and we will spread the word around if we know anyone is after finance."

  • "A big thank you to Tony Williams at Yes Loans for the **great service in the last week making my dream of having a new car a reality.** Within one week of deciding to buy a new car Tony had the finance organised and I had my new car a week later. Very professional and efficient service from Yes loans. Thanks you very much. "

    Susanne De - July, 2015
  • "Thanks for all your help. You handled everything very efficiently and professionally. Made my life and part in all this very easy. Thanks again and all the best to you."

  • "The service provided by Yes Loans was better than any other loan institution or bank I have worked with. What they promised they delivered and it was done professionally and with a sense of urgency and customer service that few banks could match. I have been a long term customer of a bank and had numerous loans with them for houses, cars and home improvements for a period of fifteen years. Despite an excellent credit history, my last effort to get a small loan to re-finance a car took over two weeks to process. Then having approved the loan, the bank made my life difficult by asking for endless changes to paper work, pay slips and bank details because of the time they took to process the loan. In frustration, I rang Yes loans. Within 24 hours the process was all but complete. There was a minor issue with setting up a new account to handle the funds, but this was no problem. Daniel at Yes Loans patiently helped me out and made the process easy, so that the funds were able to arrive as soon as the new bank account was set up. I am grateful for the professional way in which my business was handled and have no hesitation in recommending Yes Loans to anyone in need of a loan." Thanks Grant for your feedback!

    Grant - Feb 2015
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