Debt Consolidation Loans

Having to deal with several debts personally can feel like you’re playing a game of cat and mouse – there are different bills with varying due dates to remember with corresponding penalties if you pay up late.

Consolidation of multiple debts into one repayment can often reduce your payments and provide the convenience of one loan repayment.

This saves you having to pay multiple lenders and can often reduce your interest rate. Taking a debt consolidation loan can assist you in putting all of your debt payments such as credit card bills and such into one with a fixed interest rate and a single due date.

As a result of customers having multiple loans, debt management solutions have been introduced that may help to make life easier. One of these tools is a debt consolidation loan.

Consolidation loans can be a useful tool for managing multiple high interest accounts. This may present a solution for getting one’s financial affairs under control.

What is a debt consolidation loan?

A debt consolidation loan is useful for settling several smaller debts into one loan.

Individuals with multiple creditors who are  looking for effective ways to pay back loans and other credit, have the option of consolidating debt.

When signing up for a consolidation loan  that settles an individuals’ multiple debtors, reducing payments from multiple creditors to just one.

There are numerous benefits associated with consolidation loans:

  1. The terms of the agreement are structured to ensure that the debtor has affordable repayment terms.
  2. A debt consolidation loans can work out cheaper than multiple credit agreements.
  3. This usually translates into the increase of one’s monthly cash flow when the loan is taken over a longer term.
  4. There can be a positive effect on an individual’s credit rating once the multiple debts are settled.
  5. Multiple credit agreements carry multiple interest repayments. Consolidation allows you to reduce loans and eliminates excess interest payments to just one payment.
  6. Monthly repayments are usually fixed over the lifespan of the credit agreement.

Who should consider a debt consolidating loan?

The consolidation loan can be a solution for people who pay multiple debts each month.

This is one of the easiest ways to manage debt into one easy repayment plan structured around an individual’s personal affordability.

Dangers of taking out consolidation loans

In principle, a debt consolidation loan should work out cheaper than multiple credit agreements. If this is not the case, the loan should not be considered because it defeats the purpose of the exercise. Such loans are envisioned to bring debt relief for the individual entering into the agreement.

Debt can easily spiral out of control for many individuals. People find themselves taking out loans to settle other debts, creating an endless cycle of indebtedness. Yes Loans offers debt consolidation solutions in Perth. Allow us to assist you with a solution fit for your pocket by structuring a single repayment plan that may address having multiple repayments and high interest loans.

Our solutions include loan protection options to protect you against the unexpected.

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What Types of Debt Can Be Consolidated?


A debt consolidation loan can be very useful in simplifying nearly any unsecured consumer debt such as:


  • Medical Bills
  • Credit Cards
  • Payday Loans
  • Utility Bills
  • Taxes
  • Student Loans


Reasons Why People Opt for Debt Consolidation Loans


There are several reasons why individuals today choose to go for a debt consolidation loan. The first and foremost among them is that it helps simplifies how they manage their finances. As mentioned earlier, rather than have to pay multiple debts and keep track of each one, you can put this into a single debt which can be paid monthly instead.


Another reason is that it can actually save some people money by lowering their interest rate altogether. This is done by having to pay off high-interest debt with one that is lower through a debt consolidation loan. It’s only possible to achieve this if you have a good credit score and once you have been approved for it.


Life is also a lot easier when you only have to deal with less monthly payments. Many people are already busy with their work and other things in their lives that they don’t want to get stressed over paying bills.

Despite all of these positive reasons, there are still many people who wait until they reach a critical stage before they act on it. That is why their options become limited when this time comes. By taking action right now, people can fix the debts they have and possibly have a better future in doing so.


With the help of Yes Loans, we can provide you with the expert advice on whether you should get a debt consolidation loan for your needs. You don’t have to commit to anything when you contact us, as we are only here to help you get through your ordeals.


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Our solutions include loan protection options to protect you against the unexpected.

Apply now or contact us to arrange a solution for you.