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Yes Loans understands how hard it is for companies and business owners in Australia to grow and expand whilst not putting huge pressure on monthly expenses. Whilst we are based in Western Australia we help clients Australia wide. Whether your company needs a new truck to add to the fleet, or you’re a small start-up needing your first truck, Yes Loans will get the fastest, most competitive truck finance for you in Perth. Yes Loans promises our business clients economical rates, with fast, efficient service – let us take care of your truck loan finance application today so that you can focus on driving your business forward.

Use our Truck Loan Calculator to give you a guide to what a new truck may cost you in monthly payments. Call one of experienced team to get further information.

At Yes Loans, we also understand that getting your required loan amount, with a competitive interest rate and repayment terms is paramount for you but it isn’t the only thing you need to consider for your company or business. Other expenses to factor into your planning over and above the truck loan amount will include monthly expenses like running costs, fuel, and general maintenance. Our brokers will work alongside you to plan for each of these eventualities, taking everything into account.

Truck financing for your business

Considering a second-hand truck? We can assist with both new or used truck loans, so be sure to discuss your plan with your Yes Loans broker, and work out what the best option for you and your business would be. Yes Loans believes that a previous bad credit history should not be held against you forever either regardless your broker will work with you to calculate what your affordability is.

We offer a wide range of truck loan options to choose from:

Yes Loans can offer companies and business owners a range of options to choose from when it comes to truck loan finance, that may fit your business needs:

Chattel Mortgage

A Chattel Mortgage might be a great option to explore.

In this option, you would take ownership of the truck and a lender and would take a mortgage over the truck as security for the loan.

Once the payments are complete, the mortgage is removed leaving you with full possession.

A chattel mortgage enables you to claim the GST content of the purchase back and to also claim depreciation.

You should check with your accountant or financial advisor to see if this method of financing is appropriate for your specific circumstances.

Truck Leasing

If you’re a company, sole-trader, or individual who cannot afford to outlay the full amount to purchase a truck outright, then truck leasing might be a great option to consider. With truck leasing, you will have full daily use of the truck and would pay a monthly lease to the financier. Once the lease is complete, you would have first option to pay a residual value (or final instalment) and take ownership of the vehicle, re-finance the residual and continue the lease, or trade it in. The lease payment is tax deductible (please check with your accountant or financial adviser). You do not get to claim depreciation and you pay GST on each lease payment.

You should check with your accountant or financial advisor to see if this method of financing is appropriate for your particular circumstances.

Hire Purchase

In this option, a loan provider would purchase the truck on you or your company’s behalf, and then hire the truck out to you or your company, for a contractually agreed fee each month.  You would be able to take full ownership of the truck once the final payment, according to the payment plan originally agreed, has been paid.

For more details on chattel mortgages, truck leasing, or hire purchase contact a finance broker at Yes Loans today, call us on 08 9472 3000 to discuss your loan and finance options.

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