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Nothing beats an adventurous getaway, and we’ve helped many customers make it happen with caravan loans! With Australia’s vast expanses of open roads, we understand the temptation to travel and take a break from the daily bustle.

We have access to a range of caravan finance options, we provide an easy application process and can access competitive caravan finance rates.

Leisure loans – which include motorcycles, boats and caravans – can add significantly to your lifestyle, and where the purchase of a caravan is concerned, the benefits are plenty:

· Freedom and flexibility to travel almost anywhere
· Modern caravans and motorhomes generally have excellent resale value, should your needs change further down the line
· A safe, comfortable way to enjoy the great outdoors

Many families miss out on the chance to enjoy these benefits, believing that a caravan on finance is a luxury they can’t afford. That’s why you need to meet our team.

Where To Begin

A good starting point is determining what you are looking to borrow by using our caravan loan calculator. While this will give you an indication of the repayments you could expect, it is merely a guide as interest rates may vary depending on your current financial status and other credit approval factors.

We provide a free online application form where you can start the application. One of our finance brokers will be in touch to help you through the form and by expanding on any sections that you may have questions about. Our finance brokers are based in Perth.

Different Caravan Types

The regular caravan option features four walls and can have between one and three axles. With decent storage capacity, this is a popular and fuss-free option for many families. If you own a smaller vehicle, a tent trailer could be a better solution, as the overall weight is a lot lower than a full caravan, yet still offers you the fun and practicality of setting up accommodation wherever you wish. Our team can also distinguish between budget-friendly caravans and more exclusive models, from Jayco to Coromal, Windsor, and Supreme.

Secured Leisure Loans

This loan type means that the caravan or motorhome you purchase will be held as collateral by the lender as security. This provides protection for the lender should you be unable to make your payments, but the positives could include a lower interest rate compared to an unsecured loan.

Caravan Finance Rates

Our in-depth understanding of motorhome and caravan financing means we can help to get you competitive finance rates. We have access to loans for caravans for up to 7 years.

Easy Application Process

For your convenience, we offer a simple online application process. Some of the information you will need to supply us with includes the amount you want to borrow, your personal details, employment information, income and expenses.

There are lots of happy Australians that have already taken advantage of a caravan loan thanks to our expertise in dealing with loans of this kind, our user-friendly application process, and our outstanding customer service.

Whether you have already chosen a caravan, or whether you have done little research on the topic and require advice from the start, we can help you to make caravan ownership a reality based on satisfying approval criteria with competitive interest rates and flexible payment terms.

Get started by using our caravan finance calculator, apply online now or call us on 08 9472 3000 to discuss your loan and finance options.

What to consider before applying for finance for your recreational vehicle

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