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At Yes Loans, we believe that vehicle owners aren’t asking the question enough; “What happens when my car’s warranty is finished?”

This can be a worrying thought, and anything can happen in the time and space that is outside of your original warranty period. Yes Loans is at the forefront of customer service when it comes to warranty products that are underwritten by an insurance company, offering an extended warranty that replaces the ever-ticking clock that is linked to the original warranty of your car.

This is a service that kicks into action when you need it the most, assuming the responsibility of large repair cost payments that accumulate when damage takes place outside of your car’s original warranty. As unfortunate as it sounds, this is something that happens all too often and leaves so many vehicle owners on the bad side of buying: having to spend more money to repair their purchases.

With Yes Loans, you can enjoy the benefits of an extended warranty insurance cover that give peace of mind as well as enabling you to choose your specified level of cover that is based on your vehicle type, driving requirements, financial situation and the time period that you, the client, feel requires cover.

If you’re looking for a new or used car warranty option, Yes Loans will provide you with the best possible service from start to finish, making sure that you’re in the driver’s seat when selecting the best possible type of warranty protection.

Extended car warranty covers an extensive list of items, namely the engine, transmission, differential coding system, electrical components, braking system, steering system, air conditioning, clutch assembly, fuel pump and injection system, drive shafts, CV joints and universals, turbocharger, electronic ignition components, electronic solenoids and computers, ABS braking system, cylinder heads, radiators, and power window motors and switches.

We know that the most important things in life can often cause us the most hassle, demanding long and painful processes in order to even get things going. We believe that applying for something as important as a car warranty should be quick, simple and easy.

As with any insurance policy, it is of great importance that you consider the Product Disclosure Document to ensure that the chosen policy is one that is right for you. Contact one of our team members now for further advice on the insurance type that best fits your car’s warranty plan.

Car extended warranty is less intimidating than it seems with the exceptional service offered by Yes Loans. Say YES and call us now on 08 9472 3000, or complete an online contact us form and join the ever-increasing number of Western Australians that are choosing Yes Loans every day for essential extras in the line of vehicle insurance and extended warranty.

Say YES to endless possibilities. Say YES to an easy application process. Say YES to Yes Loans today.

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