Get Comprehensive Cover for Your Loan

Have you considered how you would make your loan repayments if you got sick or had an accident that stopped you from working for an extended period of time.

Will your family be financially protected if you fall ill or are unable to bring home an income? What is peace of mind worth to you? These kinds of questions are never easy, but not planning for these eventualities could leave you and your family in financial difficulty. Facing the fact that events beyond our control need to be planned for.

Sickness and Accident Cover could be on of the smartest thing you could do for your family. Yes Loans’ can arrange cover that allows you to plan ahead should any personal injuries, accidents, or illness occur, leaving you unable to work or earn a monthly income. Sickness and Accident Cover may cover you should any of the following occur:

· You become ill and are too sick to work
· You are involved in an accident and are unable to work

Most health insurance will only cover the health care expenses, but do not consider or cover you and your loan commitments, should you be unable to bring in a salary. At Yes Loans, our brokers are dedicated to making sure you have planned for some of the unseeable events in the future.

Yes Loans’ has access to a range of Sickness and Accident products to suit you and your family’s needs.

What should I consider when taking out Sickness and Accident Cover?

Your broker at Yes Loans will carefully and methodically take you through the various details of each insurance product. It is wise however to consider the following:


Making sure our customers are informed and understand the fine print is always a priority for Yes Loans. However, it is important to find out what inclusions and exclusions apply to the Sickness and Accident product you are considering. The Product Disclosure Statement will outline these inclusions and exclusions. It is important you read this to ensure the product is right for you.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

All pre-existing medical conditions will be excluded from your Sickness and Accident Cover at the time of taking it out.  The responsibility of declaring the condition/s is yours and you are required to declare any pre-existing medical conditions when taking out your Sickness and Accident Cover.

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**For all insurance, it is important that you consider the Product Disclosure Document from the product Issuer to ensure the policy is right for you**

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