How to Finance a Caravan

Take your travel to a new dimension with a caravan

Finance your lifestyle

Travelling with a caravan or camper home is one of the best ways to see a country or continent. This applies even more to Australia, with its vast open roads and far flung destinations. If you’ve ever thought about buying a caravan but think you can’t afford to pay for it in one lump sum…

Think again.

 You should consider caravan finance; it makes this lifestyle choice affordable.

Can I get finance on a caravan?

Yes, you can, subject to meeting lending criteria. So, start planning your next road trip. Life just opened up and you have adventures ahead that you never dreamed of previously.

All you need to do is apply

Applying for finance is easy; you can fill in an online form and get the process started immediately. Yes Loans will require proof of income and together with your expense information will undertake an assessment to ensure you can pay back your loan. This may require personal financial records and /or pay slips, allowing Yes Loans to make an informed decision.

Caravan loan repayment calculator

Before you apply for your caravan loan, you should head over to our online calculator and work out what your potential repayments on a particular caravan could be and whether you can comfortably afford them. Remember this is a guide only as rates and credit approval criteria do change with different Lenders.

There are different loan terms and based on the amount borrowed, this will reflect on the amount of repayment based on your chosen frequency.

What will they finance?

Caravan finance falls under leisure finance, which includes boats, campervans, caravans, RVs and even camper trailers. Don’t let a lack of cash get in the way of your holiday travel plans.

Best way to finance a caravan

The simplest way to is to apply online for your caravan loan. You can quickly and easily fill in the form, including details on how much the caravan is, what you would like your repayments to be, and how long you want to pay it back over. Most lenders will get back to you within a day or two.

Must I pay application fees?

This will depend on your lender, but most lenders may have some admin fees involved in the process. The lender will quote you on expenses before approving your loan application. Ask to make sure.

What to consider before applying for finance for your recreational vehicle

Is this what you really want?

To some, the idea of a caravan sounds better than it actually is in real life, to others it’s a way of life they’ll never give up. This could be a fantastic family decision offering endless travel opportunities. So, before you make this decision, think long and hard and chat to your friends and family. Also take time to talk to people who already own a caravan, find out the pros and cons and then decide.

Can you afford it?

As much as you love the idea of long road trips in your caravan or camper van, you must be sure that you can afford this before applying. It is a leisure purchase and will impact your lifestyle, for the better, but you don’t want to be struggling to keep up your payments. So, initially use the online calculator and see if the potential repayment amount fits your household budget.

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