Campervans vs Caravans: What’s the difference?

Caravans and Campervans are versatile, affordable holidaying vehicles that for decades have been helping couples and families unlock our country’s vast beauty. 

And vast it is. There are countless wonders within our borders that are within our grasp. But how do we take advantage of such places like our broad coast-line, The Kimberley, Blue Mountains or Sunshine Coast without breaking the bank?

Well, we can drive.

And accommodation is made much easier when you drive it yourself! Campervans and Caravans provide you with a much cheaper and more versatile option of travel and accommodation to even the most remote places across our precious landscape. 

For decades, we in Australia have enjoyed traversing the landscape in campervans and caravans, meaning there is already a large network of accessibility for travellers. Caravans and campervans give you that stress-free feeling of being the master of your destination. 

If you are unhappy with where you find yourself, start the engine and drive somewhere else! Want to stay somewhere longer?  Heard a rumour about a location nearby that’s a must-see? Easy, the choice is yours.

A quick online search will find you thousands of new and used campervans and caravans for sale here in Australia, providing an ample range of different styles and price ranges to suit your budget.

Here we look at the advantages and differences of both caravans and campervans when holidaying, why this style of travelling is so popular and how Yes Loans can help you find the right solution for the purchase of your very own campervan or caravan with Yes Loans finance offers.




A campervan (also called a motorhome) is a vehicle-based accommodation that is built into the vehicle itself. Some would regard a campervan as the perfect mobile accommodation solution for people who don’t have a tow-capable vehicle or want to have to set up a campsite when they arrive, as after a long day driving to your destination the prospect of setting your mob up for the night may just be the last thing on your mind.

Campervans in their simplest form – such as a modified VW Kombi or Toyota Hiace – will contain a bed, storage, mini kitchen and onboard power incorporated into the interior of the vehicle. Bigger versions, such as a Jayco Campervan, will also have a toilet, shower, larger kitchen, air-conditioning, water tanks and more (sometimes even a washing machine!) – basically a mini house on wheels. Let’s take a look at what makes campervans such a popular mode of transport and accommodation for holiday-goers.


Caravan camping perfection

Advantages of Campervans


Your commuting experience is easier

Campervans are less cumbersome than that of their big brother the caravan. They can also be used more frequently for things like school trips, and while over-sized, can still find somewhere to park in most regional carparks. The cab of campervans is also raised to suit the size of the vehicle itself, making it easier to navigate.



If you are looking for an off-road experience with the luxuries of a caravan but not the cost, why not consider a campervan? An important thing to remember is that a campervan is a vehicle in itself, therefore you don’t need to factor in the cost of a vehicle suitable for towing as you would when considering purchasing a caravan. Campervans also tend to run for longer without issue and generally keep a better resale value.



For those with more adventure in mind, a campervan is more flexible when it comes to navigating tight spaces and parking up at smaller campsites. For the harder to reach spots, a campervan is ideal.



Caravans have come a long way from what we once knew them to be. Modern examples of caravans are more akin to space shuttles than basic living quarters. When it comes to purchasing a caravan, your existing vehicle may play a large part when determining what kind of caravan you should buy. 


buying camping vans vs caravans

Advantages of Caravans


Spacious and comfortable

At a minimum, modern-day caravans come with a comfy double bed, stacked kitchen, lounge area, a shower and a toilet – more than what you’d find standard in a run-of-the-mill campervan. Caravans also tend to have the ability to take on more amenities such as more sleeping spaces, better storage and more room for optionals such as microwaves, tables and seating areas. There’s almost no limit to what mod-cons can be installed in caravans nowadays.



Unlike a campervan, caravans are detachable from the tow vehicle, making them somewhat easier to store. This also makes it easier for you to drive around urban environments for things like resupply while others in your travel party can remain on site.

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Time to Explore


When purchasing a caravan or campervan it’s always about price point. What bells and whistles you would like and can afford is totally up to you. However consider this: Apart from the initial cost, think about how much money you will be saving when you’re not paying for accommodation.

With high value retention and being a cheaper way to holiday, campervans and caravans are popular choices for couples, families and grey nomads alike. For that extra financial boost when considering purchasing a caravan or campervan, check out Yes Loans’ solutions here.